Sunday, July 17, 2005

Humid Enough For You?

July 17th's weather can be noted for one thing: HUMIDITY. Dewpoints throughout the day were in the mid 70's and with temperatures that exceeded 80, the weather was more akin to Miami than Philadelphia.

Today featured the third straight day with a thunderstorm in the area. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday featured heavy downpours with frequent lightning that knocked out power to some in Southeast Pennsylvania. Over three inches of rain had fallen in some parts of SE Montgomery County and flood warnings were issued earlier this evening.

The humidity unfortunately will not subside tomorrow OR Tuesday. In fact, there is a Heat Advisory for the Delaware Valley because of Heat Indicies that will approach or exceed 100. While the forecasted highs will not be excessive by 'normal' standards for this time of year, the humidity will be.

Monday should reach 90 in Philadelphia, Upper 80's in the suburbs, and Mid 80's at the Shores. Tuesday will likely be a couple degrees warmer.