Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Snow

The Philadelphia Airport got its first snow observation of the 2005-2006 winter season last night at 1 AM.

The Clipper system that moved through the area dumped about 1/4-1/2" of snow for most of the N and W burbs. You will not see the snow on the ground this morning unless it's under a tree, on a car, or in some nook or cranny.

Is it a bad thing that we did not get a big snowfall in November? Depends on if you like snow or not. According to Tony Gigi at the National Weather Service in Mount Holly "The last four times Philadelphia has had 4 or more inches of snow in the month of November the ensuing winter months have had less than normal snowfall."

I guess it's not such a bad thing for the snowhounds. For people like me who like cold but not snow, I could care less.

Just for verification purposes, here were the calls for the clipper for the forecast challenge:


CBS3: Rain S & E/Mix city N & W (1" Possible Lehigh Valley)
6ABC: Rain from airport S & E, rain/snow mix most of city, N & W
NBC10: 1/2-1" N and W. Light Accumulations City
FOX29: Rain city, 2" Lehigh Valley
NWS PHL: Trace to 1", 1-2" Lehigh Valley/Berks
PHILA WX: Mix City, Less than 1" N & W, 1-2" Lehigh Valley/Berks

Since there was less than one inch of snow that fell and everyone had timing down (after midnight was the consensus), a pretty accurate forecast did pan out for the city.

As for the weather for today and tomorrow, expect wind and falling temperatures this afternoon. Temps will peak out from 40-47 depending on where you live (47 in Center City and South Jersey). The front will cross, winds will pick up from the NW and much colder air will funnel in for Friday. Lows tonight will be 18-23 with highs tomorrow in the 35-40 range.

What goes down, must come up. Temperatures are going to rebound in a dramatic fashion by Monday with highs in the 53-58 range for the early part of next week as the cold trough in place over us retreats into Canada.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and enjoy your day!