Thursday, December 08, 2005

Event #4 Calls

Here they are, Event #4 Forecast Calls....

CBS3: 5-8 City/N & W, 3-6 S Jersey/DE, 1-3 Shore -- Starts 1-4 PHL
6ABC: 4-6 I-95 Corrdior/City, 6-8 N & W, 2-4 S & E -- Starts 1-3 PHL
NBC10: 3-6 I-95/City, 4-7 PA Burbs, 6-10 Far N & W, 1-3 S & E -- Starts 12-2
FOX29: 2-4 I-95/City w/Sleet, 4-7 N & W, 0-2 S & E -- Starts 12-3 AM
NWS: 3-5 City w/Sleet, 4-7 N & W, Less S & E

My call...slightly revised from last night(the first call includes a more detailed technical analysis).

What worries the heck out of me this morning is that dreaded sleet line. Trust me, most meteorologists and myself aren't using the word dreaded when describing it. I inched the mix-snow line slightly further west on the map but I would hope that line to set up essentially along the NJ Turnpike, for what it's worth. It could very easily slip into the I-95 corridor and screw everyone up. For those of you in South Jersey, you could get anywhere from trace amounts at the coast to 3-6 inland. The farther inland you are, the more snow you should expect and less sleet.

I also bumped up snow amounts SLIGHTLY to the north and west. That does not mean all areas in Pottstown, Allentown, Lehigh Valley will get 8" of snow -- it's more confidence of the 4-6 in your area. Other than that, no real changes for the immediate Philadelphia area.

Schools are closing throughout the Delaware Valley today. You can link to KYW's school closing system at the top of our website.