Friday, January 27, 2006

Climate: CNN's Chad Myers Exposed for Climate Misinformation

Media Matters has an article today on Chad Myers, CNN meterologist, stating that urban centers and the heat island effect have much to do with studies that suggest global warming is a reality. A transcript is below:

O'BRIEN: Let's check the forecast now. Chad Myers, you're a little bit of a skeptic on global warming, I know.

MYERS: No, I absolutely believe that CO2 is heating the atmosphere, but also, some of these thermometers that we've had out in the plains for years or in the cities for years are getting surrounded by more buildings. So you get more buildings, you get more asphalt, you get more heat, so the thermometers are different. The whole -- metro areas are getting warmer, where, in fact, maybe you just see -- if you put that same thermometer out in the middle of a cornfield in Nebraska, maybe it wouldn't be too much different. We'll have to see. You know, I know that this is happening; it's just a matter of how much it is, that's all.

O'BRIEN: So, there's a little bit of global paving, too, along with global warming?

MYERS: Well, there you go.

While there is significant debate over the causes of global warming and just really how much human influence there is in climate change, stating that global warming is based on 'heat islands' in major cities is a bit of a stretch, especially since major urban centers only make up a small percentage of all recorded data in the United States. Add to that the reduced sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, the rising sea levels, and generally warmer oceans and we can assume deduct that the Earth IS warmer.