Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tom Thunstrom

Tom Thunstrom, the site's founder, has been a weather enthusiast since he was too young to count or remember, doing forecasts on his mini chalkboard for his parents, friends, and whoever else cared to listen. After experiencing a tornado in 1986 at the age of 10, his interest in weather became a full-time obsession. If it weren't for calculus and differential equations, he might have landed a degree in meteorology. A 1998 graduate of the University of Minnesota, Tom relocated to Philadelphia in 2001 (just after the March 5th, 2001, bust storm) and in July of 2005 started Phillyweather.net as a first-of-its-kind site in the Delaware Valley devoted to tracking the weather and monitoring those who track the weather.

Personally, weather is a passion of Tom's and arguably is a bit of an obsession...whether it's the obscure, bizarre, or mundane and Tom has worked over the past six plus years to ensure Phillyweather.net becomes a trusted weather resource in the Delaware Valley.

Tom provides daily forecast analysis at Phillyweather.net and specializes in tropical weather, severe weather, and climate studies.   He also provides a weekly weather column that is distributed on the Patch.com family of sites throughout suburban Philadelphia.  

Tom presently lives in suburban Montgomery County and is an Assistant Vice President at Penn Liberty Bank. Tom also serves on the board of directors for Royersford Public Library and also on the Park and Recreation Commission in his local township. Hobbies include coffee, caffeine, travel, and watching (but not playing) hockey and baseball.

EMAIL: tom (at) phillyweather.net