Saturday, January 21, 2006

What's Bugging Me? Poorly Analyzed Storms...

I was reading Rob Guarino's blog (noted out to me by Mike in Royersford) about the potential for a Snow HURRICANE of ragin....cagin proportions (well, if you buy the cracked out version of the GFS computer model for Feb 1-2...only 10 days away of course). Here's the excerpt:

Here's the storm he's looking at:

A few things need to be clarified:

(1) There is low 968 mb low. The lowest the GFS puts this storm off of Boston to is just under 980...and that's closer to Nova Scotia than it is to Boston.

(2) The 988 mb low that he notes is not 100 miles off of Rehoboth Beach -- more like 200-250 miles and it's closer to Boston than it is to Rehoboth.

(3) While it may possibly be all snow for Philadelphia on Feb 1-2 it is hardly not a 'snow hurricane' of any raging or cagin blizzard.

(4) This is 10-11 days out on a computer forecast that is known to dream up great storms only to see them fizzle and snizzle out 12 hours later.

Just thought I'd may very well snow Feb 1 or 2 but I tend not to think a snow hurricane is on the horizon.