Sunday, May 28, 2006

Forecast Discussion: Can't Beat This Weather!

Philadelphia/I-95 84 64 87 66 84
N & W Burbs 83 63 86 64 83
Lehigh Valley 83 62 85 63 83
Jersey Shore 75 64 78 64 76
South Jersey 82 62 84 63 83

There isn't much to say about the next two days other than this: ENJOY!!!!

Tuesday will feature temperatures a little bit cooler than Monday due to the presence of a few showers. A weak backdoor front will try to slip down from the NE and this may set off a few showers Tuesday PM. The wind direction may shift somewhat after this fronal boundary slips down from a SW direction to a SE direction, which will knock a few degrees off of the highs on Wednesday but will still keep up between 75 at the Shore and the low 80's inland.

The next chance of storms (after Tuesday) will be on Thursday as a frontal boundary moves through the region. This boundary is responsible for snowfall in the Western US Mountains and cold temperatures. It won't be cold after this boundary passes through here but it will cool down into the 70's for next weekend (perhaps near 80 in spots).

The First Tropical Storm of the 2006 Pacific Season has formed. Aletta has formed south of Acapulco and is expected to remain a tropical storm throughout its life.

While it may seem early for a tropical storm to develop it really is not for the Pacific side of the Continent. The official hurricane season in the Pacific runs from May 15th - November 30th (16 additional days over the Atlantic). Last year, Hurricane Adrian developed in the Eastern Pacific in mid May and made landfall in Honduras as a Tropical Depression.