Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Storm Threat, This Week Heat A Good Bet

Isolated to scattered storms are possible today as a weak trough moves along and on top of of the heat dome. These storms are most likely west and north of Philadelphia with lowering chances as one moves south and east of the city. Extreme South Jersey and Lower Delaware might make it through today without a storm.

Temperatures today will be a degree or two warmer than yesterday. Morning clouds will limit the heat to an extent but it should be hot enough to allow us to go to our fourth consecutive 90 degree day in the city. Monday looks to be warmer still with temperatures near 95 (another chances of storms Monday afternoon, more pop-up and garden variety) with Tuesday and Wednesday possibly making a run at 98 or 99 degrees. I have noticed that a couple of weather forecasts have been calling for 100 -- I don't think it'll get there but it doesn't really matter as there is not much of a difference between 98 and 100 -- it's still hot nonetheless. Add dewpoints that are in the 70's for the next few days, and heat index values (the summer 'wind chill' if you will) will be over 100 degrees through Wednesday. That's how hot it will feel outside.

Image Courtesy Accuweather

  • Make sure you frequently drink water and try to keep cool.
  • Also, if you know any elderly in the city who don't have air conditioning, they can ride SEPTA for free provided they have proper ID.
  • Philadelphia's heat hotline has been set up: 215-765-9040.

  • Here's a look at the record highs for the next few days in the Delaware Valley. These are the ones that we will be chasing.

    -------- ------ ------ ------- --------- --------

    PHILADELPHIA 98/1988 102/1954 99/2002 99/1975 98/1975

    MOUNT POCONO 87/1988 90/1999 89/1975 91/1975 91/1975

    ALLENTOWN 97/1940 101/1954 98/1955 100/1955 97/1930

    READING 97/1940 102/1954 98/2002 102/1955 97/2002

    TRENTON 98/1999 99/1954 99/2002 100/2002 98/1975

    WILMINGTON 100/1901 102/1954 98/2002 101/1955 97/1957

    ATLANTIC CITY 96/2002 97/1983 97/1999 98/1955 95/1987

    GEORGETOWN 99/1949 102/1954 97/1983 96/2002 98/1957