Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Isabel -- Five Years Ago

With winds to over 70 mph and power outages affecting 500,000 people Hurricane Isabel made a definite mark here in the Delaware Valley, despite making landfall over 250 miles to our south. Five years ago, September 18, 2003, Isabel tracked inland over North Carolina, just four years and two days after Hurricane Floyd struck our region with devastating floods. Isabel was known around here for her winds. Due to the combination of strong high pressure to its north and the deep low pressure center of the hurricane, strong sustained east and northeast winds buffeted the Delaware Valley for much of that Thursday and Thursday night.

Philadelphia received over an inch of rain from storm, whose center tracked to the south and eventually west of Philadelphia. Isabel was a tropical storm by Friday morning over Pittsburgh, PA, and strong southeast winds in our region were pumping tropical air into our region in its wake. Temperatures, which were in the 60's for much of that Thursday, jumped into the mid 70's early on Friday AM and we saw a very tropical day in the wake of the storm.

One fatality from the storm in Warren County, NJ, was reported in the National Weather Service report on the storm.

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More: Infrared satellite loop of Isabel (requires quicktime) | NHC Advisory Archive

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