Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Septembr 20th, 2007 Forecast

Here is what we saw today:
...and here is what we will see tomorrow:

If you look real close to the top of the picture, you will see a cloud. Thursday will quite likely be a carbon copy of today with almost completely clear skies and tons and tons of sunshine. As high pressure continues to move off of the coast we will see temperatures climb for the next few days, with a frontal boundary coming through on Saturday to 'cool' us off from the mid and upper 80's on Saturday into the lower 80's on Sunday. Temperatures at night will also moderate over the next few days, from the mid and upper 50's tonight to the mid 60's on Friday night as warmer air will have made its way into the region.

Weather and Business Do Mix: CNBC had Paul Walsh of Storm Exchange on during Squawk on the Street earlier today. He was discussing "Fall Weather Risk" and he asserted that 30% of the market was subject to weather related risk.

It's Not Just Here: People in the Pacific Northwest complain about the weather, too.

Hoping for Cold: Buffalo is hoping that it will be cold on New Years Day so they can play hockey at outdoor Ralph Wilson Stadium against Pittsburgh.