Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stepping Up The Ladder

Weather in Philadelphia started out cool this week but as everyone and their brother has told you the temperatures are on their way up. Today's high of 79 in Philadelphia was the warmest in a few days and we should see temperatures continue to warm up through Saturday. I'm forecasting temperatures in the 80's for the next 3 days with the potential for upper 80's on Saturday here in Philadelphia. This could be a week long stretch of warmth here in Philadelphia as temperatures could be 80 or above through next Wednesday.

The culprit? A weak and somewhat zonal jet stream that is situated far to our north. With the lack of blocking in the upper level pattern we will continue to see high pressure ridges to our south and the main storm track from the Midwest through Eastern Canada. This high pressure ridge is an extension of the same stubborn Bermuda high that has kept our weather dry for the majority of the last several weeks here in the Delaware Valley.

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