Friday, October 19, 2007

October 20th and 21st, 2007 Forecast

For information on Friday night's rainfall check out my thoughts and the current radar

This weekend will be a mild, sunny, and yet another above normal weekend temperature wise in Philadelphia. With the lack of cold air funneling down behind the most recent storm system that is passing through the only changes we will see in our weather is a reduction in humidity and a slight drop in temperatures.

Saturday: Temperatures should end up between 70 and 73 regionwide with increasing sunshine throughout the day. Winds will pick up from the west and gust to over 25 mph at times, which may shake a few leaves loose from the trees but without any real cool air present, it will hardly feel fall like outside.

Sunday: This is shaping up to be a beautiful day with pleasant breezes, mostly sunny skies, and another warm day in the Philadelphia region. High temperatures should end up being in the mid 70's regionwide which is perfect for a 4 PM Eagles game. While low temperatures will be modestly cool in the 46-54 range regionwide depending on location we should warm quickly after sunrise.

Drought near but not here: We have seen a bit of a respite from the drought recently with a good soaking inch of rain or so over the last two weeks but areas close by are still very dry. Gettysburg has issued water restrictions and Washington, DC, had not reported measurable rain in 34 days until picking up rain around 11 AM this morning.

Weather 101: I haven't forgotten Weather 101 and will talk about the North Atlantic Oscillation (the NAO) on Saturday.