Saturday, October 20, 2007

Photodelphia: Hawk Mountain

I spent a great day up on Hawk Mountain on Saturday and wanted to share a number of photos with you from the trip up there. Hawk Mountain, while not in the Delaware Valley, is not that far away from Philadelphia, about an hour to hour and a half from the city, located about 20 miles north of Reading along the Blue Mountain ridges.

This was my first trip up to Hawk Mountain and can't say enough about how much of a good time I had hiking up along the spine of Blue Mountain. From several overlooks, you can see the surrounding valleys of Berks County to your south and look for hawks and other birds as they migrate south for winter (or north for summer, depending on the season of course!). I did see a couple of sharp-shinned hawks (unfortunately didn't get pictures of them) and a few turkey vultures but got to look at some of the best scenery I have seen in my time on the East Coast. More importantly, I did get to see some fall foliage. Although this area was about 10 days away from peak color, some of the trees had some pretty nice color.

I have three photobucket albums set up with pictures of my day up there.

Hawk Mountain Album #1 | Hawk Mountain Album #2 | Hawk Mountain Album #3