Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Snow In Philadelphia

The occurrence of measurable Christmas snowfall around here is quite rare. Since 1874, it's only happened 11 times in Philadelphia. While there have been other trace events or snowfall on the 24th, 26th, or around the Christmas holiday itself, seeing an actual honest-to-goodness authentic Christmas snowfall is more rare than a Philadelphia sports team winning a championship.
While none of the big four teams have won a championship in 24 years and almost 6 months (can't say I'm not counting!), the city of Philadelphia has won more titles than has seen snow on December 25th. I had to scour through the various sports reference websites to find titles won by the old Philadelphia Warriors in the NBA, the Frankford Yellow Jackets of the NFL, and the Athletics when they played in Philadelphia and not Oakland, but the combined seven franchises won 16 titles. Snowfall wise, we come up a bit short with 11 only Christmas Day snowfalls in 123 years.

If you were around here in 1966, however, that 1.3" snowfall was the tail end of a massive 12.7" dropping of snow which ranks as the 2nd largest December snow event in Philadelphia's history, with the rest of that snow falling on the 24th. The last Christmas Day snowfall was back in 2002 with 1.1" of snow in Philadelphia, while parts of the Poconos got slammed with nearly two feet of snow. I got to enjoy the Pocono end of that snowfall as it was one of the most amazing snow blitzes I have seen in my lifetime as much of that snow fell in a eight hour burst during the late morning and early afternoon of Christmas Day 2002.