Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thursday's Flurry of Activity

Another chance of some snow showers is in the offing for the Delaware Valley for Thursday. The combination of a decaying clipper moving east and developing low pressure in the Atlantic could help to fire up some snow showers tomorrow afternoon in Southeast Pennsylvania. Most of the model guidance agrees that something could fire up tomorrow but to what extent it fires up remains to be seen.

The possible outcomes range from flurries if the GFS computer model is correct to 1-3" of snow in Philadelphia from the NAM computer model. Some areas of South Jersey in the NAM get more than 3" of snow in its analysis of the forecast. Given the NAM's past performance this winter in turning minor storm scenarios into major events I am quite skeptical at this point that the more aggressive scenario plays out. However, flurries and snow showers could lay down a coating of snow on grassy surfaces tomorrow afternoon and evening in the region.

I'll update more later this afternoon when the forecast for tomorrow is issued.