Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 23rd, 2008 Forecast

Now: Primary and Earth Day 2008 is simply splendid with temperatures near 70, a mix of sun and clouds, and east winds at around 10-15 mph. It's not a bad afternoon in the Delaware Valley and if you haven't voted yet, please do so before 8 PM.

Tonight: We should have partly cloudy skies overnight and temperatures that will end up ranging between 46 (far outlying areas like the Pine Barrens and rural parts of the Lehigh Valley) and 52 (Center City). The effects of an upper level low over the Atlantic to our south will continue to wane as it pulls away from us and a ridge of high pressure builds in the middle atmosphere. As a result, winds should die down later tonight.

Wednesday: Another warm one on tap for Philadelphia. The normal high is just 64 but we will see temperatures a good dozen degrees warmer than normal as we should get to about 76 tomorrow afternoon with mostly sunny skies. Winds will be light from the west and southwest in advance of a dying cold front that will cross the region tomorrow night. This front may bring a shower north and west of the city tomorrow evening but any showers will be few and far between.
TV Forecast Challenges on Steroids: A Kansas City area resident took it upon himself to study television forecasts over 220 days to see how inaccurate or accurate they were from the first day of the forecast out to the seventh day of a 7-day forecast, grading changes each day in the forecast as the process continued. It's a great write-up and a great study and follows along the lines of forecast accuracy and bias that I had outlined a while back showing accuracy in forecasts and how they decrease over time...although in some cases the forecasts were more accurate on Day 5 than they were on Day 1.

Earth Day! While initially an environmentalist awareness day, Earth Day has become more corporate-driven as NBC has gone green (again) and other businesses are promoting eco-friendly products in an attempt to boost more than just environmental awareness. Some activists aren't happy about the fact that their day has become another just pop and market-driven, however. Of course in the broad scope of all things global we could criticize politicians that aren't doing enough to save the world from a melting glacier and minute sea level rise thanks to global warming, but that's better suited for others, or we could positively note that people actually are more aware of the need to manage the Earth's resources better.

Jim Nichols going to WeatherPlus: Fox 29 on-call/freelancing meteorologist Jim Nichols has joined NBC WeatherPlus as a meteorologist. He will be on Fox 29 this weekend for his last on-air shifts in Philadelphia before going full-time with WeatherPlus.

Great Cold: Great Falls, MT, had a record low of -8 yesterday, their latest subzero reading on history. Just a week prior, they had tied a record with a high of 79 degrees.