Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Warmth Returns For Next Three Days

Philadelphia has seen a rather warm stretch of weather over the past week as temperatures have been 70 or above for five of the last six days. Today makes it 6 of 7 as temperatures will make a run into the mid and perhaps upper 70's before day's end.

This taste of early Summer in mid Spring has been persistent and if trends continue as most think it will we could see the most 70 degree days in April since 1985 before the month is out. Assuming we hit 70 today this will be the 10th day this month of temperatures at or above 70 degrees, matching 2006's total of 70 degree days and surpassing 2007's total of 9. The record going back to 1970 was in 1977 with 16 days of 70 degrees or warmer in Philadelphia. 1985 had 14 days of 70 or more.