Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009-2010 Philadelphia Winter Forecasts

Winter forecast time is upon us...for some it is the most wonderful time of the year as snow hopes are rising and wishes for snow days are here. The various local TV outlets are issuing their winter forecasts over the coming days and as always, we'll let you know what the forecasts are and how much snow the local meteorologists are thinking is in the cards for Philadelphia this winter.

CBS 3 (November 16th): Average temperatures in December, with below average temperatures in January and February are in the cards according to Kathy Orr and CBS 3. They are forecasting above average snowfall, 26-33" for the season in Philadelphia. You can check out the video of her forecast here.

NBC 10 (November 18th): Hurricane Schwartz's winter forecast on NBC 10 is calling for a winter that on paper looks like a snowier version of 2006-2007 and 1994-1995, with a warm start and a colder finish. Hurricane is projecting 18-24" of snow for Philadelphia, which is right around average.

6 ABC (November 18th): 6 ABC is going with colder than average (one to three degrees below average for the winter) and snowier than average (30" for Philadelphia, 45" for the Lehigh Valley) in their winter outlook.

Fox 29 (November 24th): Fox 29 is calling for 22.7" of snow this winter. John Bolaris' forecast is averaging the impacts of four different Nino winters (1957-58, 1986-87, 1994-95, and 2006-07 -- all of which produced different results) together to call for a slightly-snowier than average winter in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, John Bolaris did not make a temperature call in his winter outlook.