Friday, December 24, 2010

Blast From The Past: More Blizzard of '96

Still the king of snows despite three brushes with the record last winter, the 1996 Blizzard dropped 30" in Philadelphia and set the gold standard that not even the Philadelphia Eagles could reach in terms of performance.   Youtube user "phillyvideofan" loaded up nine video clips of Philadelphia and national networks covering the snowstorm.     You can see Dave Roberts and a mustached Hurricane Schwartz as the clips roll between TV station as they cover the snowstorm as it crippled the East Coast.

Another clip shows the "hype" before the snow -- although one TV station isn't hyping up the storm...or are they?   I had heard stories of how the storm totals were shifted north/west and here's the evidence of that taking shape on the second clip as things shifted a fair bit from the 6-12" initially forecast to the second forecast of 10-20" to the final total of 30" in the city.    It's not a knock on the forecasting skill of Hurricane in any way -- this was one of those storms that established the idea of storms trending "north and west" on computer guidance since this was one of the textbook examples of a storm that was modeled to snow more to our south.   It ultimately goes to show how tough it was to forecast big snowfall totals back in the day...just like it still is now.