Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Brutal Reminder of Winter's Reality

After an early morning high of 41 in Philadelphia (average for the date is 41), a gusty blast of cold from Canada has infiltrated the region and has sent our temperatures on a slow slide south, with temperatures now down into the 20's in many locations and working towards our projected lows in the teens.

Those gusty winds from Canada have been rather gusty as well, gusting to as much of 44 miles per hour in Philadelphia and as much as 52 miles an hour along coastal sections of New Jersey in Ocean County.   Winds have generally been sustained in Philly today between 20 and 30 mph, enough to slap us all in the face with winter's reality after a couple of days' break from the chill.

Winds will subside somewhat tomorrow but remain gusty at times as the cold push of air takes over the region.  Expect peak winds gusting to 25 mph tomorrow, not as high as today but still enough to add a substantial chill to the air.