Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tornado Touchdown in Northeast Philly

Earlier this afternoon a reported confirmed EF-0 tornado pulled the roof off of a beer distributor in Northeast Philadelphia.   The tornado may have touched down in Northeast Philly and darted northwest into Montgomery County, generally through Lower Moreland.

EF-0 tornadoes are the weakest on the "Enhanced Fujita" scale.   It's the ninth tornado to hit the city since 1950.

"It blew the roof off and pretty much totaled the place," said Gloria Deckard of the Beer Hut to, clearing out what could be salvaged. "It just went through and got us."

Radar from 1:45 PM showed the thunderstorm cell which showed the potential to drop a tornado in Northeast Philadelphia.  This cell lifted northwest and sparked the tornado warning for Montgomery and Bucks Counties earlier this afternoon.  Heavy rain from the storm caused some flooding in parts of Abington earlier this afternoon, with a car submerged for a time along Route 63.

Showers and storms continue to propagate around in spiral bands, one currently extending from the Chesapeake through Central Pennsylvania with another one up near New  York City and North Jersey.  The potential for heavy rains will continue in those bands for the next few hours as they continue to move NW.   More rain in Delaware should spin through Philadelphia although the threat for severe weather and flooding will be lowered as this next band is not quite as potent as the earlier activity.

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