Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Mild One Ahead

In many locations this morning, temperatures are starting out in the 30's.  40's are common to our south (Dover and Cape May, south of there as well) as warmth is sneaking up the coast ahead of a storm system that will impact us in all likelihood on Tuesday.   Locally, the cool start won't last too terribly long after sunrise as we can expect another mostly sunny day overall.   High clouds will be on the increase as the day progresses, with a high veil of cirrus overcast possible late this afternoon over the region.

In many respects, temperatures will be similar today to yesterday, generally in the lower and middle 60's once again.   Today's record high of 73 is a bit tougher to reach compared to yesterday's record high of 70 (which ended up being five degrees warmer than the reality of 65).  

With southerly breezes at around 10 mph today, additional moisture will sneak into the region, which could yield areas of fog and low clouds later tonight.   Monday may not be as warm as today but temperatures will continue to be mild overall despite the presence of early morning fog.