Monday, November 21, 2011

Not As Warm Today, Showers Linger Very Early This Morning

It's a mild start to the short work week today -- but that mild start has had some showers associated with it.  Last night's modest rainfall is continuing to push through the region, with a few lingering showers still back towards Central Pennsylvania that have yet to finish their track through the region.    These showers should move through altogether by 8 or 9 AM, leaving us with a mainly cloudy sky for a good chunk of the region.   A weak cool front is pushing through this morning, meaning temperatures probably won't warm a whole lot through the course of today since the presence the cooler air to our north will try to slip south -- especially since that front will stall out just to our south (it'll only be in the area for about 24 hours before lifting north ahead of Wednesday's storm) and keep the skies mostly to mainly cloudy this afternoon.   Some sunshine is possible north of the PA Turnpike and west of I-95 but odds are most folks stay mainly cloudy through the afternoon hours.   Patchy drizzle and showers could return later tonight.

Temperatures today move little -- generally staying in the lower/middle 50's north, in the middle 50's in the city, and in the middle/upper 50's south of the city (Philly's high is projected to be 56).   While not as mild as yesterday, it's still a couple of degrees above the average of 54 for today.