Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 28th, 2011 Forecast

After a really nice weekend across the Delaware Valley we're going to see things trend a bit downhill in the weather department over the coming 48 hours.  Tonight and tomorrow won't be awful but with fog in the forecast things won't be ideal from a travel or commute standpoint on Monday morning as you're going into the office.

Low clouds and fog will develop after sunset this evening, with some drizzle possible for good measure in parts of the area.  Low temperatures tonight will drop into the 40's to around 50 in most locations as clouds in place will help keep temperatures up later on this evening.   That fog and low cloudiness will linger through much of the morning before it breaks up a bit after 10 AM.  Some glimpses of sunshine are possible in the afternoon on Monday, though.   The amount of high overcast in place in advance of a storm system that moves in on Tuesday will probably determine how much sun we get on Monday -- and how warm temperatures can get as there's a pretty decent spread in model guidance on highs.   For now, we're going with 60-66 across the region and 64 in Philadelphia but if we get a bit more sunshine we certainly could get a few degrees warmer than this.

Week Ahead:  The aforementioned storm system that we've talked about for a couple of days advances through the region on Tuesday with a couple of rounds of rain.  Upwards of an inch of rain can't be ruled out to our north and west from the storm -- we'll talk more about the details of it tomorrow.   The storm system lifts northeast and brings in a more "typical" late November airmass as high temperatures step down into the 50's for Wednesday through Friday.   Another cool front crosses the region on Friday and will step us further down in temperatures for the weekend, with expected high temperatures in the 40's on Saturday and perhaps near 50 on Sunday.