Saturday, November 12, 2011 2011-12 Snowfall Contest Information

Thanks to the nearly 70 of you who entered our snowfall guess contest this year.  The data reflected a pretty wide distribution on snowfall guesses, with forecast guesses ranging from 3.8" all the way up to 60".   The mean average of all the guesses put together ended up at 29.6", which is just a notch outside of our forecast of 24-29" at Philadelphia International for the coming winter.

Not surprisingly, the most common guesses were between 20 and 40 inches, with 48 of the respondents parking themselves within that range.   In terms of distribution above 40" of snow, the second highest guess was 47" -- no guesses in the 50-59" range so the 60" was a definite optimistic (if you like snow) outlier to the distribution on snowfall.   We even had one guess that went to the hundredth of an inch (not that snow is measured that way but we'll give him credit for thinking outside the box).  

When the snow season officially ends, likely in late March or early April, we'll recap the guesses and congratulate the winner(s) who come closest.  Good luck to all of you!