Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spring To Your Step

The last of the warmth is upon us today -- and is it ever a warm start...temperatures are in the upper 50's and low 60's across the region this morning with mild southeast breezes ahead of a storm system that will pivot in from the southwest later on today.  We are milder up here in the warm sector of the storm than Charlotte (40's) and Atlanta (30's) this morning and should be able to coax a few degrees' worth of temperature rise out of the weather today before rains move in.  It's possible we see a few glimpses of sun this morning as well before skies completely cloud over as the storm system (low centered over Alabama, front in Southwest Virginia at 5 AM) moves in later on today.

 Skies transition from variably cloudy to cloudy this morning, with batches of drizzle and light showers possible as the morning progresses into the afternoon.   We'll even have a few showers around early this morning as the first fingers of the storm work north but those showers are fewer in number than what we'll see later on.  Steadier showers approach the region this afternoon, accompanied with a band of rain in the form of a cold front that crosses the region from southwest to northeast this evening.  The steadiest rainfall in the city should occur between 3 and 9 PM, later northeast and earlier southwest.   That front could also have a few rumbles of thunder with it as it crosses the region later on.  Rainfall totals should top out between a half and three-quarters of an inch for most of us, perhaps approaching an inch of rain northwest of the city.

In terms of temperatures, today's record high is 70 degrees in Philadelphia and we'll approach that mark this afternoon.  Expect high temperatures of 68 in Philly, with mid and upper 60's commonplace across the region.  The warmest temperatures will likely be in the midday hours before showers help nudge things a touch lower in advance of the front.   Once the front crosses the region, temperatures will drop off a fair amount and then trend lower for the rest of the night until we reach the lower and middle 40's by tomorrow morning.

For those who enjoy warmth, today will bring the last taste of it for a while.  Enjoy the morning hours as they'll be pretty nice.