Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stepping Back In Temperatures

We're starting off about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday as a cool front knocked through the region last evening, bringing between a half and three-quarters of an inch of rain to the region and setting the initial steps of our return to typical weather for this time of the year after a lengthy run of mild sunshine and record high temperatures in parts of the region.  It's not quite a freezer we're going to step back into but it is more typical weather for late November and early December -- highs daily in the lower 50's for the next couple of days -- as reality sets in.

Colder weather than this is in the cards for next week...and for those in the Midwest and Western Great Lakes some really cold air is in store next week.   Until then, reality will be "typical" for us -- highs today of 53 in the city, low to mid 50's for everyone else.  We'll have a gusty breeze at 12-18 mph from the west, occasionally hitting 20-25 mph at times.   Skies will feature a mix of sunshine and clouds, with more afternoon cloudiness north of town than south but generally a typical late November sky where we get some cold cumulus to pop up with the sunshine.   For those tired of the warmth, your wish is starting to verify.