Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Storm Sandwich

We're starting the travel part of the Thanksgiving holiday with a storm system -- it's possible we also end the holiday with a storm system on Sunday or Monday, depending on how a storm that moves onshore tomorrow moves across the country. Computer modeling is showing the potential for a decent storm system developing across the South, lifting north through the Great Lakes on Saturday into Sunday before hitting the coast late Sunday or Monday.

This system has some potential to be not only a soaking rainstorm along the East Coast for early next week.  Even though it's still five to six days away, computer modeling is hinting at the potential for another inch of rain to start the new work week, with snows possible over the Midwest and Western Great Lakes.

The storm system could briefly bring a shot of colder air in for the end of November and beginning of December.  We've talked about this potential off and on for the past few days -- that the period after Thanksgiving had some potential for a few days' worth of cooler-than-average temperatures but nothing on the order of Alaskan record setting cold.  There's still quite a bit of uncertainty in just how the storm system evolves and pushes through the East Coast -- however, there are some tendencies that this storm may nudge the pattern briefly colder for a few days later next week.   It won't bring about a permanent change in the pattern, however, as the high latitudes in the Arctic aren't supportive of a blocking regime and the North Pacific pattern is still pretty uncooperative overall.  However, the colder pattern next week (whether early in the week or later) will be a reminder that winter type weather is definitely nudging closer...it just won't lock and load quite yet.