Thursday, November 24, 2011

Topsy Turvy Turkey Day Weather

Today's mid 50's and sunshine is somewhat mild but not too atypical of Thanksgiving weather in Philadelphia. It's snowed on Thanksgiving (2010 and 2005 had a trace, more measurable snow fell in 1989) and it's also been quite mild (see 2007).  All in all, Thanksgiving weather in Philadelphia can be just like any day in Philadelphia's cold season -- a little mild at times, a little cold at times, and sometimes just in between.

Over the last eight years, the average high and low for Philadelphia on Thanksgiving are 54.4 and 37.1 -- as warm as 71 in 2007 (the warmest Thanksgiving on record) and 24 (not a record...that is, I believe, 19 from 1989) over the past eight years.   It's precipitated in five of the past eight years -- although none of the Thanksgivings recently were particularly rainy (most rain we've picked up on Thanksgiving in the last eight years was in 2006, just 0.25").  

In reality, today's Thanksgiving weather was pretty much the "norm" for what we deal with around here...although given the past few years you can see the snapshot of variety that is the norm in our part of the world...even in some of the colder winters of recent years (2009-10, 2003-04) temperatures were pretty "typical" for real nasty cold   Also, while it snowed a bit last year, the event was a nuisance snowfall for the most part and just an appetizer for what was to come later on the winter.