Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Travel Day Weather Forecast

Tomorrow is the big getaway day for travelers, who flock to their airports and cars to get the heck out of town and get to Granny's house (or to whichever relative of choosing).  Airports clog, roads are crowded, and it shapes up as the big travel and grocery headache day of the week in preparation for Thanksgiving.

From a weather standpoint, the only headaches will be along the East Coast (thanks to the storm system that's moving in and will be moving off the East Coast tomorrow) and in the Pacific Northwest (storm system moving onshore into Washington and Oregon).   Along both coasts, rain (and in the Pacific Northwest, mountain snow) will impact holiday travel, with Maine and New Hampshire getting a significant snowfall tonight into tomorrow morning from our storm system.  The main impacts from the East Coast storm will be felt tonight and tomorrow morning, with the cold front and low pressure working off the coast Wednesday morning in the Mid Atlantic.  Impacts will be felt into the Carolinas during Wednesday with rain and thunder, with the bulk of precipitation working off the coast by mid-afternoon.

Elsewhere, the weather picture for Wednesday is rather tranquil and dominated by high pressure parked over Oklahoma and Kansas.  Mild breezes accompany those to the west and northwest of the high, with temperatures that could reach 70 into Denver tomorrow afternoon and near 50 into Minneapolis.  This warmth will work east and hit the East Coast Friday and Saturday, with 60-65 expected for highs here locally for both days.   The storm system in the Northwest will gradually work east and become a player in our weather for early next week (more on that later on today) but for travel day tomorrow, it's mainly confined to Seattle, Portland, and areas near there.