Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weather Rewind, November 13-19, 2011

Buoyed by two very mild days last week, temperatures in Philadelphia averaged out to 4.7 degrees warmer than average for this time of the year.  Another 70 degree day (our second in November this year) and a high of 67 on Tuesday were the impetus to push us to a warmer-than-average week as temperatures outside of those two warm days averaged out to just about normal.

Rainfall was confined to Wednesday in Philadelphia and points west -- picking up 0.74" in two rounds of rain through the day that pushed our rainfall total to a modern era (since 1872) record for rains in a calendar year. Some lingering showers (mixed with sleet and snow) fell on Thursday in New Jersey but the majority of that precipitation fell to the city's east, with just trace amounts registered at the Airport on Thursday.

Nationally, warmth was the story as temperatures for a vast chunk of real estate were above average to significantly above average.  The story will ultimately remain the same again this week (above average temperatures for most everyone outside of the Pacific Northwest).   Cold continues to be confined to Alaska -- and now also Western and Central Canada.