Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weather Rewind, November 20-26, 2011

Temperatures last week averaged out to 6.9 degrees above average -- a rather mild stretch that was buoyed by four days of high temperatures in the 60's and a warm ridge of high pressure that essentially parked off of the Carolina coastline through the week.  Despite a weakening of the ridge due to a storm system tracking through on Tuesday and early Wednesday, the region quickly rebounded in temperatures and scored back-to-back 60's on Friday and Saturday, with the high of 65 on 11/26 just a few degrees shy of a record for the date.

It was rather rainy as a result of that storm system last week -- 2-3" of rain was common north and west of the New Jersey Turnpike, with 1-2" along coastal sections and across the rest of South Jersey and Delaware.  Some flooding was reported but it was the first significant rainfall event in nearly a month (since Snowtober) so flooding was held to a relative minimum despite the plethora of rain.

Nationally, the temperature trend continues to support a warm central third of the country, a warmish Northeast, and a coolish West, trends that set up during the first week of November and more or less have held through the month so far.  Philly through yesterday is now 2.5 degrees above average on temperatures for the month, with the potential to add another few tenths of a degree to that before the month is out.  Not "warmest November ever" but it will still certainly fall in the warmer side of past Novembers.  So did 2009 and 2003, two other warm Novembers that ultimately brought colder and snowier winters overall.