Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wet Start, Cooler Finish

We've picked up a general 1-2" of rain across Pennsylvania and about an inch of rain so far across New Jersey with the first slug of rain that moved through the region yesterday afternoon and evening.  Warming occurred in the city last night as the first rounds of rain ended (thanks to a warm front coming up the coast), with a slug of heavy rain poised to finish its move through the region over the next few hours.  This slug of rain should bring another inch or perhaps inch and a half to an area that's no longer in a good position to receive a heavier rainfall -- flood warnings and advisories are out for a good chunk of Pennsylvania and Central/North Jersey for this morning with the heavy slug of rain that's moving through.  We're also under a Flash Flood Watch in Eastern Pennsylvania and Central/North Jersey until 1 PM.

Temperatures start off around 60 in the city and are in the 60's to our south.  Areas south/east of Philadelphia will be the warmest overall today and should get into the middle if not upper 60's for a time.  North/west might simply hold steady temperature-wise in the 50's through the morning hours.  The actual cool front is still out near Pittsburgh (you can see the finer line of showers/thunderstorms out in Western PA), with the frontal boundary passage still several hours away.

After the first slug of heavier rain moves through, generally by 7 AM in the western burbs, 8 AM in the city, and 9 AM at the Shore, generally off the coast by 7:30 or 8 at the latest, a brief break is possible until the front passes through late this morning, when more showers are possible with the frontal boundary passage.  These showers shouldn't be as heavy nor as widespread as this morning's heavy rainfall but it will introduce a cooling trend that takes over in the afternoon.   Temperatures will cool this afternoon with the passage of the front, with 40's moving into Central Pennsylvania later this afternoon and 50's coming back into Philadelphia by mid afternoon.  By 5 PM, temperatures will be dropping back towards the lower 50's in the city on gusty north winds (10-16 mph sustained).   A couple of rogue showers will still be possible into the afternoon hours after the front but these should be scattered at worst.

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