Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Frosty Start

Another chilled start through the region this morning as 20's dominate in most place, teens reserved for the usual cold spots in the Pinelands and in Quakertown.   Skies are starting off clear in most places, although clouds are streaming northeast towards us from an upper level disturbance that is currently over Georgia and North Florida.   That disturbance will not bring showers to the region today but some passing high and mid level clouds will dart through the Delaware Valley later on, with the best chances of more clouds than sun confined to south of the city as opposed to north, where a bit more sunshine is likely.

Temperatures will moderate, however, as high pressure nudges slowly off the coast and a bit of a southerly "breeze" takes over later on today.  Winds will again be quite light -- generally in the five mile per hour range -- but temperatures will be a few degrees milder nonetheless today.  Expect highs generally in the mid 40's regionwide, with 47 our target for Philly this afternoon.  The passing mid and high level clouds will dim the sun a bit so it may not feel like the upper 40's but it will be a pretty nice early winter day on the whole.  The morning frost that will likely coat cars through the region will melt as temperatures moderate later on this morning.