Friday, December 16, 2011

Bit of a Cooldown Today

A cold front is crossing through the region this morning, bringing wind with it along with mild temperatures for much of the region since the front has been slow to cross the region.  Gusty winds are accompanying the front and that will be the story for much of the day today.  Wind gusts in the pre-dawn hours are in the 30 and 35 mph range, with those breezes helping to keep temperatures up ahead of the front and with the lack of uber cold behind the front, preventing much of a rapid cooldown in the frontal passage's wake.

Temperatures this morning are in the 50's along I-95, 60's at the Shore, and 40's to the northwest.  Everyone will see temperatures slide back a bit later on this morning -- with 40's holding steady in the northwest, temperatures slipping into the 40's in the city, and slipping through the 50's towards 50 degrees south and east of the city.   Wind gusts should continue to reach 35 mph this morning, tapering off a bit this afternoon as the dynamics involved with the front will have moved out of the region.   Skies will generally feature a mix of sun and high level clouds, with a few remnant lake effect clouds dotting the sky north of the city later on.  However, it should be a fairly sunny, but breezy day for much of the region.