Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chance of Snow Showers Friday Night

Over the next few days, a couple of clipper disturbances will cross the Northeast and continue our nudge of temperatures in a more wintry direction.  By this time next week, we could have our coldest weather of the winter season so far.   The first of those clipper systems crosses the region on Friday & Friday night.   This system may be a two wave feature that may not be all snow -- the timing on it (Friday start, Friday night finish) and the track (first wave starting north of the city, with a weak wave sliding south at the end) suggest that at least a chunk of this system will fall in the non-frozen (rain) variety.  The best chances for that will be on Friday assuming the timing of the first wave of the system holds to that timeframe and that the track of the system takes the low to our north, putting us initially on the "milder" side of things.

However, a second wave of energy will slide along the front on Friday night as it passes through the region.   The GFS and Euro have suggested from time to time over the past couple of days that we could see some snow showers or flurries with the last parts of this system in association with that wave.   Precipitation looks rather light overall with both parts of this system (the Friday rain showers, Friday night snow showers) but if the second wave does take this southern track at night, we could see some coating type accumulations in parts of the region when we get up Saturday morning.   We're not talking anything of significance but we could see a coating type of snow similar to a couple of weekends ago in the western suburbs (where a dusting fell in Wilmington and Chester County and flurries were in the air in many other spots).   At least it's something if you're in the market for snow.