Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chilled, Frosty Start

We're about to have another nice December day in the Delaware Valley.  Skies are mostly clear to start this morning, with some patchy fog in a few spots to our north and west at this early hour.  We'll keep an eye on it over the next couple of hours to see if it remains patchy or becomes a bit more widespread.   For now, it's mostly confined to river valleys.  Temperatures are in the 20's in many spots -- teens in Quakertown, around 30 or milder to our south.

We're poised to approach 50 in the city today -- our predicted high temperature will be 49 in Philadelphia with a mostly sunny sky in the forecast.  A few low 50's are possible to our south, with 40's mainly along I-95 and north today.   A few clouds out to our west might cross the sky later this afternoon but on the whole we should see a bit more sun than yesterday across the region.  Northwest breezes will reach around 10 mph this afternoon as a weak cool front crossed the region early this morning and will help nudge high pressure into the region and reinforce a "typical" temperature regime for the middle parts of December.