Saturday, December 24, 2011

Clouds Will Give Way To Sun Later

Christmas Eve morning starts off on a cloudy note around the region as a ripple of energy in the atmosphere moves through and has enough "juice" throw a blanket of clouds over the region to start the day.   Those clouds will gradually thin out and depart the region as the "ripple" moves away from us, leaving us a sky that will gradually become more sunny as we work towards mid morning.   Despite the presence of clouds, there isn't much moisture associated with this ripple so outside of a stray flurry to the city's north early on this morning little in the way of precipitation is expected.

Temperatures are starting in the 30's for the vast majority of us, with low 40's down in Southern Delaware.  Sunshine will help our temperature nudge into the lower 40's later on, with a high temperature range of 40-45 common through the region later on this afternoon.  Philly should get to 41.   Northwest breezes at 7-14 mph will add a nudge of chill to the air today but it will not feel terrible by any stretch.

Temperatures this evening should drop into the 30's quickly after sunset, with lows by morning tomorrow in the 20's outside of Philadelphia and around 30 in the city proper.