Sunday, December 04, 2011

December 5th, 2011 Forecast

A step down, a step back up in temperatures seems to the norm of late.  A slow moving cool front will take a couple of days to ooze through the region, which means that our sunshine and bright skies of the past couple of days will gradually give way to a cloudy and then showery pattern at some point on Tuesday.   Cooler weather will work its way into our region for the latter half of the week, with the potential of some unsettled weather within that change on Thursday -- we'll see how things play out over the coming couple of days.

Regarding the upcoming day or so, as milder air and additional moisture in the atmosphere work into the region, low clouds are possible later tonight and a few pockets of drizzle can't be ruled out north and west of the city.   Lows later tonight will drop into the upper 30's in the coolest burbs to the 40's for everyone else.   Those low clouds linger into the morning hours before we see them break up into a mix of clouds and sunshine late in the morning.  Monday afternoon is shaping up as rather mild overall assuming those clouds lift.  We're projecting 64 for an afternoon high, which is a few degrees short of the record of 71 from 2001, but is still quite mild for this time of the year.

The Week Ahead:  Tuesday brings us one additional mild day with occasional showers and drizzle developing during the day.   The cool front slowly slouches through the region late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, with temperatures likely steady or slowly falling on Wednesday as the front slips through the region...we might start Wednesday a touch milder than projected depending on when the front crosses through but temperatures for much of the day look to be in the high 40's.  A wave of low pressure will develop along the front and pass southeast of us, bringing a chance of showers...perhaps even some some locations on Thursday (best chances of precipitation appear to be south of the city at this point but the forecast is very much up in the air).  Colder air will work into the region for the weekend with the passage of a cold front, with many locations avoiding 40 degrees for a high on Saturday.