Saturday, December 10, 2011

Extended Forecast for December 11, 2011

Sunday and Monday: Clear/Sunny/December Chill.

Tuesday and Wednesday: High clouds increase and eventually it becomes mostly cloudy. We should still get some decent sunshine in on Tuesday and some in on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday: A strong cold front will approach the region with increasing Warm Air Advection ahead of it and move through on Friday. A period of rain is likely to develop.

Next Weekend: We may have our first high temperature reading in the 30's recorded at PHI.

Keep in mind the models over the past few months have delayed storm arrival as we approach the actual event and sometimes develop unexpected waves. So the forecast in the long term may yet change...but it certainly looks much colder behind this front with the lowest seasonal temperatures to date.

Long range patterns suggest a typical La Nina storm track continues with more rain/mixing events vs. all out snowstorms. This is the type of pattern which can bring these cold shots, followed by a storm, involving some sort of ice storm...especially where cold air dams.