Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flyers Alumni Gamecast (Saturday)

The first of three outdoor games at Citizens Bank Park start up on Saturday, with alumni from the Flyers and Rangers getting together for an "old-timers game".   The weather will be mild but breezy, with game time temperatures in the upper 40's and a northwest breeze at 10-15 mph.     Rink alignment will be in the infield, generally near second base.  The ice will stretch from left to right across the middle infield (generally from west to east).    Winds will blow in and cross the ice diagonally.  However, a 10-15 mph wind won't be a terrible hindrance on play but might warrant a third period similar to that of other Winter Classics (where the teams switch sides at the 10 minute mark in order to give an 'even' advantage for dealing with the effects of the wind.

Skies will be mostly sunny and for those in right field who will get the most sun, it'll be a pretty nice start to the game as the sun will help mitigate the wind a touch.

The forecast for Monday will be up over the weekend.