Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flyers Winter Classic GameCast

The game on Monday between the Flyers and Rangers will definitely have a "winter" feel to it as west winds at 15 to 25 mph will drive wind chills into the upper 20's to around 30 degrees for much of the game despite air temperatures in the mid and upper 30's during the game.   That west wind will come across the ballpark from the 3rd base side, generally lengthwise down the ice from 3rd base to 1st (ice sheet laid across the infield from near 3rd base to first generally centered near 2nd base if you look at the diagram of the ball field in "traditional" look below).   The gusty winds will probably lead to a 3rd period where the teams switch ends halfway through in order to give both teams the same amount of time dealing with the wind factor.  This is something previous Winter Classic games have done when having to deal with less-than-stellar weather.

Had the game started at 1 PM, there would have been some sun hitting the ice earlier.  The shadows from the 3rd base side of the stadium would have overtaken the ice surface during the 1st period, with the duration of the game played "under shadows".   With the start time now moved to 3 PM, the sun hitting the ice and causing melting should not be an issue.