Sunday, December 11, 2011

Forecast for Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday into Tuesday Morning: High Pressure is in control, clear, with a typical December chill.

Tuesday Afternoon into Wednesday Morning: Increasing clouds as warm air advection begins to come in.

Wednesday: The Warm Front moves through the area with the best precipitation chances North and West of Philadelphia. The timing of the precipitation is in the evening hours. It is possible that a wintry mix occurs in the Poconos, but for everyone else the odds favor rain at this point.

Thursday: The cold front swings through bringing a chance of rain to the entire region. It could become quite mild ahead of the front, especially south and east of Philadelphia.

Friday: Cold air will lag a day behind the it still could end up reaching into the 50s...but this may change in later forecasts.

Next Weekend: It still looks quite cold with highs struggling to reach 40 degrees. Right now 39-42 is the range of temperatures we are looking at.

Long Range: It does appear that it will turn stormy in the eastern half of the United States later this month (around Christmas time). We have the opportunity for two or three storm systems. It is possible that some of the storms will take a typical La Nina track and perhaps impact the region with a wintry mix of some sort with rain closer to the coast. Again, if the cold air can lock in...this would be a setup that is favorable for an ice storm event...especially in the typically favored locations in our area.