Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mild Lingering Breezes of Very Late Fall

A mild day is in store for the region today as a cool front lies to our west and southwest breezes will nudge temperatures higher later on today.  We're starting out pretty mild this morning -- 40's in many places, approaching 50 at the Shore, with showers back across Western and Northwestern Pennsylvania, tailing back into Ohio, early this morning as well as across the Poconos.  All shower activity is moving east, with the Pocono shower activity likely to move out of the region before sunup and the shower activity in Western Pennsylvania likely to cross into the Poconos around 8-9 AM or so.

Locally, we should see mostly cloudy skies  for a while before those showers in Ohio work into our region this afternoon.  It would not surprise me to see a few hours of sunshine this morning, which would allow temperatures to approach 60 around midday in Philadelphia before those showers (and increased cloud cover) get into the Philly region.  If we manage to hold onto some sunshine after midday, we might even coax a higher high than the projected 60 for Philadelphia today.   Best chances for shower activity in Philadelphia time-wise is between 3 and 9 PM, with shower activity generally nuisance in nature and not amounting to a whole lot of rain on the whole.

The other story, besides warmth and shower chances, will be the breeze factor today.  Winds from the southwest at 12-18 mph will gust over 20 mph from mid-morning on, possibly gusting over 30 mph in spots.  It'll be a lingering aftertaste of Fall as we approach the winter solstice in a few days' time...and approach colder temperatures that move in starting tomorrow.