Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mild & Showery

The winter solstice is a day away -- it occurs tomorrow morning at around 7 AM.  Fitting that the last day of astronomical autumn is a rather mild day around here -- temperatures will approach 60 this afternoon in the city as a warm front that resides to our south pushes through the region and spikes temperatures higher.  That warm front will lift up along the coastal plain and across the suburbs, with temperatures getting into the upper 50's and lower 60's south of it, while remaining in the 40's to the north of it.  It would not surprise me to see temperatures stay in the 40's in Allentown today while getting to 60 in Doylestown by 3 or 4 PM.   Everyone south and east of the city will get to around or just above 60 this afternoon.

The mild fling will last us for two days as tomorrow will also be pretty mild (but with more sunshine).  The first in a series of low pressure centers will cross the Mid Atlantic today and the trailing "cool" front will cross the region this evening.   Showers will be off and on through the day, most plentiful in the afternoon and early evening hours.  A period of rain will accompany the frontal boundary towards dinner; however, the rains will not be widespread and not last all day as there will be some lengthy breaks in the precipitation through the day.   Rainfall amounts for the day should be under a half inch, with some spots getting less than a quarter inch.

In addition to the mild weather, southerly breezes will pick up later today...gusting to over 20 mph at times as gusty winds above the surface mix down somewhat to the ground.   These gusts will pick up as the warm front passes through your location.  Until then, winds will be light and generally from the northeast.