Sunday, December 04, 2011

Milder, Nice Day Ahead

20's and 30's once again dominate the landscape across the region this morning as the region is under mostly clear skies overall.  High clouds will pass overhead from time to time but with high pressure nudging off the New England coastline we're going to get a mild southwest to south nudge of air today, helping us warm up a fair amount from our frosty start around town.  Expect high temperatures this afternoon in the middle and upper 50's through the region, with Philly's projected high of 57 coming in a few degrees above average for this time of the year.  Breezes will be light but will be from the south, helping nudge temperatures in a milder direction as the day progresses.

Today and tomorrow will mark the nice days of the week -- temperatures warm tomorrow into the 60's before we enter an unsettled pattern for the middle of the week, with showers and drizzle possible from Tuesday through Thursday before we enter a colder regime for late in the week.  More on that later on today...after I enjoy some nice weather!