Monday, December 19, 2011

Not As Chilly Today

Compared to yesterday, we're going to be a bit milder as we're experiencing southwest breezes at the surface today.  Temperatures will be about ten degrees warmer despite getting less sun on the whole today.  A weak cool front will try to slide through the will get down into South Jersey late tonight but will stall and then lift north on Wednesday.   That front getting into the area will lead to an increase of clouds later on after our sunny start, with a mostly cloudy afternoon and evening around the region.   The front should pass through  tonight with next-to-no precipitation associated with it.  There might be a sprinkle to our north but that should be a major exception.

The region will see temperatures generally in the mid and upper 40's this afternoon -- 47 is our prediction for Philadelphia -- with sun giving way to clouds.  Southwest breezes at 10-15 mph will add a touch of chill to the air but with milder temperatures, it will not feel as bad as yesterday.