Friday, December 23, 2011

Rain Departs, Sun Returns Along With Cooler Temperatures

Twas the day before Christmas Eve, when all through the net, the snowstarved of young and old were wishing snow would arrive on the polar jet.

Well, there isn't a polar jet hitting the region anytime soon...but we will see temperatures that are a bit more "typical" of December the next couple of days.   White Christmas odds are about nil and this will be the first Christmas and Christmas Eve since 2007 without at least a few flakes flying or snow on the ground on either day.   Can't win em all.   At least we're going to get rid of the Spring-like warmth.    Temperatures at 5 AM (above) show the last vestiges of it across Southern Delaware and along the Shore with temperatures near or above 60 degrees down there.  Locally, temperatures are in the mid 40's as the region begins to dry out after picking up an inch plus of rain.   The last of the showers in New Jersey will exit stage right by 7 AM or shortly thereafter.

Today's story is chilled breezes from the northwest at 12-20 mph, gusting to near 30 in many spots, as sunshine gradually returns.  Temperatures down at the Shore will drop back towards 50 before steadying out later on.  In the city, expect temperatures in the 40's for the morning, nudging to around 50 in the early afternoon.  It'll still be above average but it will not be low 60's...and it will feel a bit more like December outside this afternoon.