Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recapping The First Half Of December 2011

Through yesterday, the first 17 days of December have been rather mild overall.   Average temperatures are coming in at 44.1 degrees, 4.8 degrees above average so far.  We've had a few cool days (see below) over the course of the past week...however, the significant warmth the region saw between December 6th and 15th (both days featuring rather mild overnight lows, with the 6th's low a record warm low for the date) helping to provide a significant boost to monthly temperature departures so far.  We shouldn't finish December as warm as we're currently placed...the next two weeks do look a bit cooler so this level of warmth should not last through the course of the month.  It would not surprise, however, to see temperatures end up three or more degrees above average by month's end.

In terms of rainfall, the month so far features 2.31" of rain...about a quarter inch above average.  Much of that rain fell on December 7th (2.04"), which provided some localized flooding over the course of that storm.   Some spots have picked up over three inches of rain so far this month....much of that coming from the same storm.