Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sixth Dry Saturday In A Row

Some light rain developed last night along coastal sections of New Jersey and Delaware as a weak frontal boundary ran into a bit of some warm air riding up the coast.  The resulting lift of the warm air helped trigger an area of light rain that ran along the coast for several hours last evening and last night.  Most of the region was dry but the Shore was not -- a bit of some bonus dynamics at work.   Rainfall at the Shore last night ended up topping out around a couple of tenths of an inch.  The front has eased off the coast and weather will ultimately end up dry for the region today.   For Philly, it will be the sixth consecutive Saturday of dry weather!

Temperatures are starting off in the upper 30's and low 40's in and around Philly, cooler in the north/west where there are some 20's in the Lehigh Valley and low 30's in Reading.  Temperatures won't rise much today as cooler air is on the march into the region on the strength of northwest breezes at 12-16 mph.   High temperatures won't climb much despite increasing sunshine -- we'll probably coax out mid 40's for the Philly metro and points south, with low 40's the likely high north/west of the city.  Ultimately, a dry Saturday but a cool Saturday that will feel more like December.